Advantages of Smoking

Philip Ogley
3 min readMay 19, 2022

Kills Time


There’s no doubt about it. Smoking gives you something to do with your hands and makes those dull hours in a day fly by.

I was once flying to South Africa when I was 19. I boarded a plane to Lisbon, and had to wait 18 hours there for the connection to SA.

It was lucky I smoked. Whiling away those hours smoking and reading one of those airport thrillers in which nothing happens until the last page.

I don’t know what I would do these days in an airport. Either drink heavily, or spend my time gazing into my phone trying to avoid the name ELON MUSK.

It Looks Cool


Think of Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Or Robert De Niro chain-smoking his way through Casino. Or Sean Connery in Dr No when he lights up at the poker table, and for the first time utters the immortal line: “Bond, James Bond.”

Imagine instead.

“Bond, James Bond — just a minute I’ve got a notification.”

That would have killed the Bond franchise stone dead.

It Kills You


What did they say in the film Highlander?

‘Who wants to live forever, anyway?’

They didn’t do much smoking in Highlander, but they made up for it by chopping each other’s heads off.

It’s true though isn’t it, one definite advantage of smoking is that it lowers your life expectancy.

What does everyone say when they’re young? Live fast, die young. Problem is, if you stop smoking, you’re going to live fast, die old.

There used to be a time when everyone died off at a reasonable age. Both sets of my grandparents checked out before 75. Various diseases: organ failure, emphysema, heart disease, cancer.

And think about the amount of money you’re going to save in care homes in the future. Not just save yourself, but save your country. Ever thought of that?

I’m surprised countries of the world aren’t encouraging smoking just to keep their social care costs down. If everyone was dead by 70…

Philip Ogley

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