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The Advantages of Brexit — Two Years On

Still searching for the truth?

Philip Ogley
4 min readJan 1


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In Umair Haque’s fine article How Britain’s Destroying Itself, he argues that Britain before Brexit had no special or extraordinary problems.

The country wasn’t perfect — it still had the usual ailments: inequality, greed, obesity, and low productivity. But in the main, Britain was OK. We were wealthy, competitive, and globally respected.

Not any more.

When the 2016 EU Referendum results came in, any sane government would have rejected the result (which was only advisory) in the interest of the national good.

Instead, the UK Tory party went to war.

Not only with itself, but with anyone who dared to oppose them — fellow citizens, business leaders, world leaders. Anyone who uttered a word of dissent against the grand Brexit project was ridiculed and bullied and given the derogatory title of REMOANERS.

The right wing Brexiteers seized power, and hammered through a form of Brexit that was economic suicide. Severing trading relations from a bloc of countries only 21 miles away across the English Channel. In favour of meaningless trade deals with the likes of Japan and Australia.

And at the head of all of this was King Turd himself, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. The same guy who thought Donald Trump was a damn fine fellow.

So you see what a mess Britain has got itself into. But is it true?

In my last post on this exactly a year ago, The Advantages of the UK Leaving the EU on 1st January 2021 (Updated), I argued that so far there were no advantages.

But that was 365 days ago. Surely now there must be some, especially if we believe the 105-page publication, The Benefits of Brexit, the UK government brought out last year. In its introduction it stated:

“There are a great many benefits to Brexit: control of our democracy, borders and waters; control of our own money, helping us to level up across the country



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